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Love Tokens – CANCELLED A Tea Time Talk by Timothy Millett

10 February, 2022 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm



Modern day Valentines associate this holiday for lovers with a sentimental greeting card or, better still a bouquet of red roses. But in earlier centuries, love tokens were exchanged as a symbol of “Be Mine Forevermore.” Indeed, particularly poignant were those “Leaden Hearts” given by prisoners en route to the far away penal colony of Australia as their final parting gift to wifes, girlfriends or relatives they were likely never to see again. Captured in a cell, they would grind images off of pennies or other coins to then engrave or pin prick a message of devotion and undying love.

Join specialist medals dealer Timothy Millet, who with 35 years experience in this type of sentimental memorabilia, will remind us of love expressed before a voyage on far flung seas.

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