President's Letter

Wednesday 16 January

President's Message July-August 2019

Dear Members,

As our scheduled club activities slow down for the summer period and many of you get ready to enjoy travel and special time with family and friends, I wanted to reflect briefly on our 2018/19 year. As your President, I am very excited to see our club returning to a very special group of women enjoying many exceptional activities. We come together, notwithstanding our varied backgrounds, to support each other through shared experiences and friendships; this should be treasured and not taken for granted.

I would like to thank my fellow Board Members for all of their hard work throughout this past year.Together as a team we reviewed and updated our Club By-laws and Code of Conduct. We now have a Mission Statement and are developing a marketing committee and strategy to grow our Membership. We have also expanded our social media programme to include Twitter and Instagram. I will miss those of you who will be leaving the Board come August; it has been an honor and privilege to get to know and work with each of you. I thank you for all your dedication and contributions.

I am looking forward to welcoming and working with Mary Narvell who will be joining the Board as Vice President. Mary brings a high level of passion and enthusiasm for kcwc and her experience as a Member and past President of the club will be invaluable. Karen Gustovich will be our new eCommunications Manager. Karen brings an extensive background in IT which will help us to continue to improve our website to a more user-friendly format which will undoubtedly result in a better online experience for all. We also welcome Marianna Klaes-Jenkins who will be our Newsletter Manager. We are still looking to fill the role of Activity Leader Liaison, so if you have the willingness and inclination, please put your name forward to join our team and continue to build on the momentum that the outgoing Board has achieved.

We are also immensely grateful for the efforts of our many volunteers who provide strong support to our Board Members in their many roles. Specifically, Susanne Schulz, Catia Dal Poz, Ava Alawi, Susan Jahanshahi, Christina Ford, Marianna Aslamazyan who have all worked tirelessly to make our club experience better. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to all of our Activity Leaders who bring amazing and professionally organized activities for us all to experience and enjoy. It has been a truly incredible and positive year.

Our General Meetings have also been inspiring and thought-provoking.We kicked off the year with a very necessary meeting where all Members had an opportunity to be heard. In October we welcomed Édéenne, an inspiring high-end jeweler and entrepreneur. Next, we were privileged to hear from Mellissa Fung, a journalist who was captured during the Iraqi war and went on to become an advocate for young women in third world countries.Trinny Woodall, a British celebrity, fashionista and entrepreneur ushered us into 2019; Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, international model and highly regarded philanthropist followed; Chris Jackson, Royal Photographer and author; and Lady Carnarvon, 8th Countess of Carnarvon living at Highclere Castle (the “real” Downton Abbey) and author joined us for our more recent GMs. All were exceptional presenters that we were very fortunate to host.

Our final speaker of the kcwc year was none other than HRH Princess Eugenie of York, who closed our year in an exceptional manner. That is quite a list of high profile speakers and I cannot wait to see what next year will bring. Members please do let your Board know who you would like to hear speak next year.The slate is open and we welcome your input and suggestions and contacts with people who have a message to send to an international women’s club such as kcwc.

Lastly, thank you to all Members for your continued support of this wonderful club of ours, who respect one another, support each other undergoing life transitions such as relocation, empty nesting and retirement by providing activities and social interaction to strengthen individual and interpersonal bonds.

Enjoy your summer and see you in September!

Theresa Klassen