President's Letter

President's Message March/April/May 2020

Dear Members,

Spring is upon us and like you, I am looking forward to enjoying the warmer weather and participating in the many activities that bring us outdoors.

As I have noted in past publications this newsletter will now be printed quarterly vs. every two months; accordingly, this issue will cover the period March, April and May.

As we are reducing the frequency of publication for our newsletter, please ensure you actively use the kcwc website in order to stay up to date with the many activities that the club is offering.

On the topic of the website, I am also pleased to announce that your board has engaged to create a new and improved product. This project is progressing nicely and the new website is shaping up to be a huge improvement on the current version. I am very excited for the launch of the new website, so again, keep your eyes and ears open for the launch in 2020. We are hoping to have a special launch of the new website which will include a tutorial from the website provider.

Our last Speaker Series in January at the Royal Geographical Society with Tessy Antony de Nassau was truly inspirational. Tessy is a woman with passion and determination who is committed to making the world a better place in which to live. It seems nothing is too difficult to accomplish if you have determination and willpower. Thank you Tessy for an exceptional performance.

Speaker Series March 2020

We are pleased to present Margarita Mavromichalis. Margarita comes from a family of Greek diplomats and has spent her life living and traveling all over the world. She speaks five languages and has studied translation and interpretation.

Margarita moved to New York in 2009 where she continued her studies for three years at the International Centre of Photography where she also served as a Teaching Assistant for several classes. She moved back to Greece from 2013 to 2016 where she devoted most of her efforts to cover the refugee crisis as it developed on the Island of Lesvos. Margarita currently lives and works in London.

We will not hold a meeting in April

May 2020

We are very fortunate to host Kate Stephens, CEO of Smart Works. In this position, Kate is leading the mission to help ever more women into employment on a nationwide basis. Based in London, Kate oversees HQ operations and the long-established London service. Ensuring it remains best-in-class and that the company shares their learnings across the Smart Works family. Kate combines senior private sector. She acquired a passion for the entrepreneurial, dynamic and inspirational charity sector, learnt first as Trustee,Vice Chair and then Chair of a leading family charity and now as CEO of Smart Works. Meghan Duchess of Sussex is a patron of the organisation.

June 2020

I am pleased to announce Masha Gordon will be joining us. Masha was not athletic as a young girl and has spent most of her adult life working behind a desk as a successful businesswoman. She only discovered her love of mountaineering on maternity leave in her thirties. On June 11, 2016, the mother-of-two entered the world record books as the fastest woman in the world to complete the Explorers’ Grand Slam in just 7 months and 19 days.

On June 17, 2016, she set a second world record and entered the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest female to climb the Seven Summits in 238 days. Masha explained her motivation with the following quote:

“With my challenge I wanted to inspire girls – like my eight-year-old daughter Freya – to take up mountaineering and outdoor activities, which are fantastic ways to develop leadership, perseverance and self confidence.”

Masha launched a charity – GRIT&ROCK – to encourage inner city teenage girls to challenge themselves, increase self-confidence and help those in deprived areas develop love for an active lifestyle.

Please ensure you do not miss this opportunity to hear this inspirational story.

As you can see above, we have a terrific line up of speakers ahead of us and look forward to the interesting and amazing journeys they have taken to get to where they are today. Be sure to invite guests to the Speaker Series to witness how wonderful our club is and all it has to offer.

Our Activity Leaders continue to produce interesting and fascinating activities that you as a member will not want to miss. The kcwc website will be your best source for the most current activities that are available to attend, so be sure to sign up and join your fellow members.

Lastly, the success and longevity of kcwc is solely due to our talented and dedicated members who volunteer for the many leadership positions necessary to maintain and improve our club. The springtime is the time of year when kcwc’s nominating committee is in operation and we are actively seeking new board members. Additionally, we always need volunteers to help with the monthly speaker series and participate on committees. If any of these opportunities are of interest to you please let us know via

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.


Theresa Klassen

President kcwc