President's Letter Sep/Oct 2018

Monday 20 August

Welcome back  to all! I hope everyone has enjoyed a great summer with family and friends.  As we prepare to commence a new kcwc year, my hope is that you all share my optimism and anticipation for an exciting and productive year and as the incoming President, I am looking forward to a fresh start.

I arrived in London in March 2017 and did not know a single soul in this beautiful city. The club was recommended to me by several different acquaintances, so I did a bit of research and was very impressed by what kcwc had to offer: the dynamic speakers, diverse activities and many opportunities to explore London while creating new friendships.  The history of this organization is something that none of us should take for granted and just as important is the legacy we are creating for current and future members.

For our first General Meeting in September, I would like to propose a bit of a different approach from previous years, with the objective of establishing a strong base from which a positive and harmonious year will follow.  The agenda for this initial meeting will be to discuss the new bylaws and update our code of ethics.  In order to deal with these matters in a most productive and efficient way, this will be a members-only meeting with no guest speaker. 

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our 2018-19 Board: 

Caroline Gervais   Treasurer                                              

Elisabetta Astolfi   Advertising

Elizabeth Hayes    Activity Leader Liaison                            

Elsa Navarrete      Secretary                                              

Christina Ford       Marketing                                             

Anne Wine            Events Coordinator                               

Vivien Matthews    Membership

Emine Clark           eCommunications

This is a very talented and motivated group, who I know will work diligently to achieve great things for our organization.

I would also, like to take this opportunity to thank Catia Dal Poz for her positive leadership, relentless dedication and hard work over these past 2 years.  Thank you as well to fellow Board Members Marianna Aslamazyan, Ava Alawi, Elena Wehrenberg, Florine Clomegah, Claudia Marchetti and Samantha Barney for all your hard work and friendships this last year.  Lastly, a word of gratitude to all the volunteers, as your efforts are critical to the successful operation of our club.

I look forward to meeting you in September.

Best Regards,

Theresa Klassen