President’s Message December 2021


The months leading to the end of year can lead one to reflect. I find myself always a bit retrospective as December approaches. Perhaps it is the act of drawing in from cold temperatures. Or it is the natural order of things to reminisce about Ghosts of Christmas Past. Whatever the impetus, I confess to some poignant melancholy even as I look to rejoice in another year of memories made.

I have written here before of trips down memory lane precipitated by the unpacking of storage boxes. While finding a new home for those “treasures”, I found my mother had preserved over thirty years of letters I had written home from overseas postings. I wish I could believe this an example of her own loving nostalgia. But I suspect it speaks more to her propensity to hoard, finding it torture to identify anything as insignificant. Still, it was a welcome flashback to observations I had made and an insight into how my life abroad was changing me ever so subtly with each envelope stamped.

Amidst this trove, I stumbled on letters my oldest friend had written me. I am indebted to this gentleman for scores of hilarious adventures. But his greatest gift was the introduction of my beloved husband who was his roommate at university. I had forgotten my friend and I would share our beliefs in what we no doubt imagined was poetry worthy of Keats. In rereading our elegies, I found I could not resist another go at expressing my personal credo in the form we chose – what we praise and what we admire. And so, I hope you will indulge me in sharing my penchants with you here.

I have no illusions you will find my musings revelatory. But perhaps they will encourage you to use this time of year to indulge in some self-reflection of your own. I call it mental yoga – a limbering of those little grey cells in the hope they never dull or shrink. I urge you to consider the points of your internal compass. Without hope and direction, there is no Spring after Winter. Paraphrasing what is to come, here’s to Praising dusky sunsets and Admiring luminous dawns.

Celebrate the plethora of possibilities borne when you take a breath and Think. Consider it a toast to what you aspire in the year to come – the goal posts that can guide you from better to best. And while you ruminate, don’t forget to wish yourself and whomever you praise and admire a Happy Year End and Happy New Year.

Cheers – Mary Narvell / President KCWC

I praise formidable women
I admire tolerant men.
I praise historians
I admire visionaries.
I praise curiosity.
I admire innovators.
I praise the other side of shadows
I admire those who seek the light.
I praise storytellers
I admire those inclined to listen.
I praise creative talent
I admire the eye of the connoisseur.
I praise growing older
I admire the ability to embrace aged wisdom.
I praise friendships
I admire friends.
I praise passions
I admire the fearless leap to love.
I praise email
I admire letter writers.
I praise chicken breasts
I admire vegetarians.
I praise warmth
I admire those who seek a shiver.
I praise praise
I admire the ability to wear compliments with ease.
I praise tolerance
I admire a resistance to criticize.
I praise breathing
I admire faith in life after the last breath.
I praise a heightening of consciousness
I look forward to what it would bring.

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