About us


kcwc is an organisation of international and British women who want to enjoy everything London has to offer. We offer over 35 different activities and special events, as well as a monthly General Meeting with prestigious speakers. We are a non-profit group and all of our activities are organised by members who volunteer their time and skills.

kcwc was established in 1983 by a group of women living in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, hence our original name, the Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club. Despite our name, our members live in all parts of greater London and the surrounding counties. Members come from over 52 different countries as well as from the UK.

We appeal not only to expatriates and to those new to London, but also to those who want to experience the UK at its best. All are welcome to join and to participate in our activities. We have something for everyone, during the day or evening, all days of the week.


From September to June, kcwc hosts a General Meeting, which is a great opportunity for social interaction and to hear our high profile guest speaker.

The first hour of the General Meeting is a sign-up session, where members and guests can meet our Activity Leaders and Board to find out about the activities of our Club. Coffee, tea and biscuits are served. Attendees may also view the items for sale at the showcase tables, which members can rent for a small fee to display their products or services. The session concludes with a talk from a notable guest speaker on a topics such as art, literature, politics, current events and others. You can read more about our upcoming guest speakers here.

Non-member guests are welcome to attend for a small fee, which is refundable if joining on the day. 


Members organise and participate in over 35 Activities, including Art History, Antiques & Design, British History, Classical Music & Opera, Country Walks, Dancing, Evening Speakers, Foodies, Travel, Spanish, Italian, German and French Conversation, Tennis, Golf.  All our members, but especially working women, can enjoy evening Activities that include Theatre, Music Appreciation, Wine Tasting, Evening Speakers, Happy Hours and Networking.

For additional information about our Activities, please click here.


kcwc members enjoy discounts and benefits at top salons, restaurants, spas, hotels, shops and museums. 


Although we are not a registered charity, kcwc often supports local charities in our community. Members give generously of their time and support through various volunteer efforts.


Membership is easy! Simply click here and you can immediately sign up for some activities and enjoy our events. You can also join by coming to a General Meeting or by filling out a membership form and sending it, along with a cheque, to our bookkeepers. Click on the Join Us button at the top of this page for more information or contact potential@kcwc.org.uk.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the club and hope to see you at an activity soon!