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Book Group And Lunch With Author Nicola Williams

15 January @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Book Group and Lunch with author Nicola Williams

Join us for the Book Group and lunch when we will be joined by Nicola Williams, the author of ‘Until Proven Innocent’.

“Penning a blend of legal and psychological thriller would be enough for most authors, but Williams, a barrister, deftly adds a layer of social realism. Her book teems with memorable characters from the law and the black community” The Sunday Times, April 2023

The gripping new courtroom thriller following barrister Lee Mitchell in her most controversial case yet.

Lee Mitchell is a young barrister from a working-class Caribbean background: in the cut-throat environment of the courtroom, everything is stacked against her.

On her doorstep in South London the 15-year-old son of the pastor at the local Black church is shot, and the local community is shattered. All evidence is pointing to infamously corrupt, racist police officer Sergeant Jack Lambert as the irredeemable suspect. His own boss – rebel-turned-copper Danny Wallace – is certain he is guilty.

Against her will, Lee is strong-armed into defending him. With cries of ‘Black Lives Matter!’ echoing in the streets, Lee is at the centre of the turmoil as lies, anger, and mistrust spiral out of control.

With the line between her personal and professional life becoming increasingly blurred, Lee keeps asking herself the same question: How can she defend the indefensible?

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