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Private Visit to Contemporary Artist Jewellery Gallery in Mayfair

7 April, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Gallery Space 2022_1

The Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery of Wearable Art has graciously invited KCWC’s Contemporary Art Group for a private visit.  The gallery, established in 2009, invites world-leading contemporary artists to create aesthetically innovative and socially relevant jewellery projects.  Since the opening of her namesake gallery, Elisabetta’s pioneering vision has redefined the boundaries between jewellery and fine art, capturing the imaginations of artists and collectors across the globe (http://www.elisabettacipriani.com/).

Due to the size of the gallery space, we are invited to visit in groups of 6 at a time for a presentation of their fabulous display of wearable art.  When the time shown on the website has reached capacity, a new time will be offered.

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