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Sambourne House

15 April @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Sambourne House
Sambourne House is the family home of legendary illustrator Linley Sambourne (1844-1910), who was also a cartoonist for Punch magazine and a photographer. When the Sambournes moved into the house in 1875, they immediately redecorated the house in the fashionable Aesthetic style, installing stained glass windows, and Morris & Co. wallpaper. Decorating the house was a passion of Linley’s and it was mainly he who was responsible for choosing the various wallpapers and furnishings.
Throughout the 35 years he lived in the house, he continued to add to it, re-papering walls and purchasing new ceramics and pieces of furniture. Linley was undoubtedly inspired by the grander houses of some of his artistic friends in the Holland Park Circle and was skilled at creating a great show on a limited budget. After Linley and Marion’s deaths, the interiors were largely preserved due to the efforts of their children Roy and Maud, and their granddaughter Anne Messel. As a result, the house today appears much as they left it.

The Aesthetic style was at the height of its popularity around 1880 when the Sambournes moved into Stafford Terrace. Aestheticism was a reaction against mass production and sought to elevate the status of furniture and furnishings as artworks in their own right. Inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and mediaeval art and architecture, Aesthetic design included stylised natural motifs, muted earthy colours like green, brown and blue, and an overall harmonious, pared back approach to furnishing. 

The tour of this lovely little house will last for one and a half hours. 

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