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The Brunels – London’s Engineering Wonders By Boat, Train And Foot

23 June, 2021 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Brunel photo

This is an all-day expedition in the footsteps of the Brunel family who, between them, transformed the face of Victorian London.  Guide Tim Potter will lead us as we take a boat from the Embankment downriver to the Isle of Dogs, the DLR through the canyons of Canary Wharf, and then an Overground train under the Thames (that just confuses everybody!) to arrive in Rotherhithe.  Along the way we’ll see the Brunels’ three bridges, the launch site of the greatest ship ever built and the first tunnel ever built under a river.  Those who wish to can descend into the shaft and visit the museum.

It’s a tale of extraordinary endeavour, technical brilliance and unremitting manual toil.  We’ll end up on the terrace of the Mayflower pub watching the river roll by!  (You’ll need to pay your TFL fares of around £10, and a visit to the museum is likely to be about £5.)

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