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Book Group: Intimacies by Katie Kitamura

21 March, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Join us to discuss Intimacies by Katie Kitamura.

An interpreter has come to The Hague to escape New York and work at the International Court.  A woman of many languages and identities, she is looking for a place to finally call home.

She’s drawn into simmering personal dramas: her lover, Adriaan, is separated from his wife but still entangled in his marriage.  Her friend Jana witnesses a seemingly random act of violence, a crime the interpreter becomes increasingly obsessed with as she befriends the victim’s sister.  And she’s pulled into an explosive political controversy when she’s asked to interpret for a former President accused of war crimes.

A woman of quiet passion, she confronts power, love, and violence, both in her personal intimacies and in her work at the Court.  She is soon pushed to the precipice, where betrayal and heartbreak threaten to overwhelm her.

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