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Crown Jewels, Dynastic Diamonds: A Tea Time Talk with Nicholas Merchant

3 May, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


It is Coronation Week – a rare event indeed so KCWC Antiques and Design could not let this crowning achievement pass without our own edifying celebration. Join Nicholas Merchant and our BADA Friends as we look at the badge of authority crown jewels represent discovering some of the most fascinating gems in the world. We shall explore the crown jewels of India (where Maharajahs did not understand the concept less is more) as well as those of Persia and Russia. Vanished though some of these empires may be, their jewels linger on.

Wherever there is a sovereign, there is a crown investing the wearer with majesty. Let’s get ready then for King Charles III and his investiture with crown jewels.

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