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Georgian Dress, Style and Splendour: A Guided Visit by Exhibit Curator King’s Gallery

2 October, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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We may be now in the Carolean era after the May coronation of King Charles III. However, his Hanoverian ancestors had a unique style of power dressing and towering hairstyles that characterised this revolutionary period. Led by the deputy surveyor of the King’s pictures and exhibit curator, Anna Reynolds, we will benefit from her expertise into all aspects of Georgian style from the practical dress of laundry maids to the glittering court gowns of aristocrats. Also explained will be how the intricate pomaded perriwigs of the era were created and what role they played in the changing fashion of hair designs synonymous with the time. Do please join us in the closing days of this wonderful exhibition.

Limited to 14 tickets only.

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